Quiz 13: Operations Management: Operational Dimensions


Operations blueprint shows the lists of operating functions to be executed. It also shows their timing and characteristic features. Following is a consumer electronics repair service's operations blueprint: img All the operations will be taken place one by one. According to the given operations blueprint, the first operation is customer arrives at store and last operation is customer leaves from the store after he got what he want.

Prototype stores are used in multiple outlets for creating uniform construction, operations standards, and layout. Following are the pros of using prototype stores: • It makes centralized organization control. • It reduces cost of construction and enhances standardized operations. • It facilities employee interchange among outlets. Following are the cons of prototype stores: • Inflexibility. • Fails to adapt to local customer needs. • Less creativity. Prototype stores are most desirable for supermarket stores. Example: MD's.

Job standardization is the process of creating uniformity in the tasks of similar job locations in various departments within an organization. Cross-training is the circuit training given to employees connected with more than one job. In order to get the following benefits, a retailer may be interested in of job standardization and cross-training: • Personnel flexibility. • Decreases required number of employees. • Reduces employee boredom.

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