Quiz 11: Professionalism at Work: Business Etiquette, Ethics, Teamwork, and Meetings


To: Henry Franks From: Laura Kidman Date: April 30, 2013 Subject: Annotated works cited list As per the instructions, I along with my teammates divided the research and prepared a report on annotated works cited list. Articles with definitions of social behavior, professionalism, business ethics, business etiquettes, civility, and soft skills are given below: • Jodi Smith, From Clueless to Class Act, series of books on etiquette Business etiquette is a behavioral code that outlines the requirements of social behavior related to current conventional norms within a social group or society. • Beeghley, L. (2004). The structure of social stratification in the United States. Boston: Allyn Bacon. Social behavior is directed toward the members of the society. This is related to co-worker interaction that excludes interaction with people from outside such as suppliers and customers. • Frederic, R. E. (2002). A Companion to Business Ethics. Massachusetts: Blackwell. ISBN 1-4051-0102-4. Business ethics is a type of professional ethics which identifies ethical or moral problems that may arise in a professional environment. It is much relevant for entire organization and even individuals.

H-P Federal Interagency Board Policy Board Committee Room 25, 310 Ala Moana Boulevard, Honolulu February 4, 200x Present: D C, T J, I K, B K, K P, and R M Absent: A W The meeting was call to order by Chair K P at 9:02 a.m. in the morning. Minutes from the January 6th meeting was read and approved. Old Business D C discussed the cost of the annual awards luncheon that honors outstanding employees. The ticket price does not cover all the expenditures occurred. Major expenses include awards, leis, and complementary lunches for the judges, VIP guests, and volunteers. Honolulu-Pacific Federal Interagency Board cannot continue to make up the difference between income from costs and tickets for the luncheon. Ms. D C reported that it had come to her notice that other interagency boards rely on members' contributions for their awards' programs. Motion: To send a letter to board members asking for their contributions to support the annual awards luncheon. (D C/I K) PASSED 6-0 Reports B K reported that the Homeland Defense Committee sponsored a get-acquainted meeting in November. More than eighty people from various agencies attended the meeting. The Outreach Committee reports that it has been asked to assist the partnership for public service--a non-profit mainland organization in establishing a speaker's bureau of Hawaiian Federal employees. It would be available to speak at schools and colleges about federal jobs and employment. New Business The chair announced a planning meeting to be held in March regarding the revision of emergency dismissal plan. In other new business, R M reported that the staff had purchased fifty tickets for members, and our committees to attend the Zig Ziglar seminar in the month of March. Next Meeting The next meeting of the Policy Board Committee will be held in early April at the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center, Pearl Harbor. At that time the meeting will include a tour of the Red Hill underground fuel storage facility. The meeting adjourned at 10:25 am by K P Respectfully submitted

The sentences are revised as follows: 1) Employers will typically want to know about four key areas--education, experience, hard skills, and soft skills--before making you an offer. (2) (2.26a) 2) Will you please, E, put the report on my desk by five o'clock. (3) (2.02, 2.23) 3) Sales of durable goods in the first quarter of the year (see Figure 5.1) are down sharply. (2) (2.27) 4) To determine whether to spell "Web site" as one word or to consult our company style book. (3) (2.06a, 2.28c) 5) C, K Industries, and M--these US enterprises are the top three largest private companies. (3) (2.23b, 2.26c) 6) W B said, "Why not invest your assets in companies you really like " (2) (2.28f) 7) Have you read The Wall Street Journal article titled "O's Ellison Gives $115 Million to Harvard Study " (4) (2.28e, 2.28f) 8) The biggest wine producing states--California, Washington, and Oregon--are all located on the Pacific Coast. (2) (2.26a) 9) Have you received reservations and membership dues from Ms. A T, Mr. R P G, and Dr. W L C (5) (2.23b, 2.24) 10) I enjoyed the chapter titled "The Almost Perfect Meeting" that appeared in Emily Post's book called The Etiquette advantage in Business. (3) (2.28e) 11) D T said, "Generally, I like other people to fire, because it is always a lousy task"; however, he has fired many people himself. (2) (2.16a, 2.28f) 12) D described the filthy factory floor as "gross". (2) (2.28c) 13) Is the vice president coming in today at 9 a.m. (3) (2.23b, 2.24) 14) Wow! You have picked up some awesome sales techniques, haven't you (3) (2.24, 2.25) 15) In business the word speculator may be defined as "one who attempts to profit by anticipating price changes." (3) (2.28d)

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