Quiz 8: Persuasive Messages


3rd April, 2013 Mrs. E.R. Churchill 224 Oak Grove Avenue Chapel Hill, NC 27514 Dear Mrs. Churchell, This is to inform you that we appreciate receiving your recent letter requesting that a curve in Highway 35 should be rebuilt. The Department of Transportation shares your concern about the safety of the stretch between Mount Vernon and Pittsboro, which is near your home. Highway 35, as you mentioned, has many hills, curves, and blind spots. However, its accident rate, which is 4.05 per million vehicle miles, is far from the worse in the state. In fact, at least 49 other state highways have worse safety records. At this point of time, we want you to know that we do have studies under way that will result in the relocation of sections of highway 35 to terrain that will provide safer driving conditions. As you are aware such changes take time, we must co-ordinate our plans with town county state and federal authorities. Money is assigned to these projects by priority, and Highway 35 does not have top priority. In addition, accidents along Highway 35 are not concentrated at any one curve; they are spread out over the entire highway. For all of the reasons mentioned above, we do not anticipate immediately rebuilding any curves on Highway 35. In the near future, we plan to install guardrails and we will be certain to place a guardrail at the curve that concerns you. We appreciate your concern for safety. Please write to us again if you have other ideas for reducing the rate of accidents. Sincerely, Mitchell M. Overton Office of Safety and Speed Management

1. "There are no gains," said Benjamin franklin, "without pains". (2.14a) 2. The featured speakers are Keiko krahnke, PhD, and Reggie, kostiz MBA. (2.10) 3. You inspected their web site, didn't you (2.14b) 4. Research shows that talking on a cell phone distracts drivers and quadruples their chances of getting into accidents such as rear ending a car ahead of them. (2.15) 5. The bigger the monitor, the clear the picture. (2.12) 6. As you may know, information chips are already encoded in the visas of people who need them for work, travel, or study in this country. (2.06a, 2.01) 7. We think, however, the new passports will be issued only to diplomats and other government employees beginning in august. (2.03) 8. To fill the vacant position, we hope to hire Wilma Robinson, who is currently working in Virginia Beach. (2.07, 2.06c) 9. All things considered, our conference will start more participants if it held in a resort setting such as Las Vegas, Scottsdale, or Orlando. (2.03, 2.01) 10. If you examine the log closely, you will see that we shipped 15 orders on Thursday; on Friday, only 4. (2.0a, 2.11) 11. In the past years, we have promoted over 30 qualified individuals, many of whom started in accounting. (2.07, 2.09) 12. Nancy Rubey, who spoke to our class last week, is the author of a book titled the digital workplace. (2.06c, 2.15) 13. A recent study of productivity that was conducted by authoritative researchers revealed that workers in the United States are more productive than workers in Europe and japan. (2.06c) 14. America's secret productivity weapons, according to the report, were no bigger companies, more robots, or even brainer managers. (2.06c, 2.01) 15. As a matter of fact, the report said that America 'productivity resulted from a capitalistic system of unprotected, hands-off competition. (2.03, 2.08)

Many writers prefer to use indirect patterns for persuasive requests because indirect pattern is generally considered to be more effective than the direct pattern. The writer considers giving reasons and explanations after using the indirect pattern. Before conveying the request, the writer sets down the logical basis so as to overcome the potential conflicts. The writer tries to capture the interest and attention of the reader by stating what is the problem, what are the reason behind it, suggesting the benefits of the reader by adding complements, and praise the reader.