Quiz 7: Negative Messages


Mr. John Brumfield Human Resource Development Gulfport Energy Enterprises 1400 Longhorn Blvd. Houston, TX 76400 Dear Mr. Brumfield: Did you know about the direct link between the health of your employees and the health of your profits Since we are in the midst of tough economic time, you are probably looking to offer benefits that would help both you and your employees. The benefits of healthier employees include lower health care costs, fewer medical claims, improved productivity, better morale, and reduced absenteeism. Here is how you can help your employees to have healthier bodies and how you can also improve your company's profits: • Provide them with Galaxy Fitness Health Club discounts. • Bring our aerobics, massage, weight loss, and educational programs on-site. • We shall manage your on-site fitness center. Business Fortune magazine recently reported the following: "After prevention and early intervention, a health program was implemented at L.L. Bean loss claims dropped by approximately 40 percent." Please call (713) 839-2300 and speak to Jan Novak, our corporate fitness expert, to learn how you can add to the health of each and every employee as well as yours. Sincerely Missy Mischke Senior Marketing Manager GALAXY FITNESS

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It is a fact that people get angry by listening, the bad news and for taking the revenge or from escaping from the anger they transmit their views. According to a writer, the ratio of telling good news and bad news is 1:2 which means that the receiver of good news tells to 6 people whereas the recipient of bad news tells to 12 people. The implications for the companies who are dealing with unhappy public is to make all possible efforts to the goodwill of the customers. At the time of revelling the bad news the company should try to seek soft ways like caring tone, warm attitude, and many other alternatives.

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