Quiz 3: Organizing and Drafting Business Messages


June 4, 200x Mr. Allen C. Fineberg 3250 Ponciana Way Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 Dear Mr. Fineburg, You probably chose Body Fitness because it has become one of the top-rated gyms in the Palm Beach area. Making your workout enjoyable has always been our principle goal. To continue providing you with the best equipment and programs, I and my partner need your feedback. We have built an outstanding program with quality equipment, excellent training programs, and helpful support staff. We feel, however, that we could have a more positive effect and give more individual attention if we could extend our peak usage time. You have probably noticed that attendance at the gym increases from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. We wish it was possible to accommodate everyone on their favorite equipment during those hours. Although we cannot stretch an hour, we would like to make better use of the time between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. With more members coming later, we would have less rush from 4 to 8 p.m. Exercise machines that lay idle and strength-training equipment that sets empty could see action. To encourage you to stay later, we have considered for putting security cameras in our parking area. Cameras for some inside facilities may also be added. We have given this matter a great deal of thought. Although Body Fitness has never met an incident that endangered a member, we have undergone considerable effort to learn about security cameras because we think that you will feel altogether more comfortable with them in action. Please tell us what you think, fill out the enclosed questionnaire and drop it in the ballot box at the front desk during next week's visit. We're asking for your feedback because we're devoted to serving you better. If you have any other suggestions for reducing the crush at peak times or other ideas that affect our members, please tell us on the enclosed form. Cordially, Nicolas Barajas, Manager. Enclosure

The revised sentences are as follows. 1) A large group of our e-mail messages was recently blocked by spam filters. 2) Although Mark acts as if he were the manager, he doesn't know what to do about the e-mail disruption dilemma. 3) If even one of my e-mail messages is blocked by spam control, I am unhappy. 4) Verizon, together with many other large ISPs, was singled out for using overzealous spam blockers. 5) Neither the sender nor the receiver of blocked messages knows what has happened. 6) A typical e-mail user has written several messages that were never delivered. 7) Time and energy are required to follow up on e-mail messages. 8) Either the message or its attachment has triggered the spam-blocking software. 9) After many of its customers had begun to complain about lost messages, one company sued. 10) If you could have seen the number of non-delivery error messages, you would have been upset also. 11) Ramon discovered that a lot of his legitimate e-mail gone to junk folders that he never checked. 12) (b) When Mason sent an e-mail message, he expected it to be delivered. 13) (b) All employees must wear photo identification; only then they will be justified. 14) (a) First, check all computers for viruses; then, install a firewall. 15) (b) When Tina examined the computers, she discovered the spyware.

A "marker" refers to an object that shows achievement and/or competence like a prize obtained for winning a race with the highest score. The "gatekeeper" is the status that allows a person to maintain and enter one's position. Each career is based on the understanding of the person and what he does and his/her capability to communicate the basic prerequisites of it. Most people cannot progress in their fields if they are not able to train their replacement, and if the required skills are not shown by their replacement, commonly in writing.