Quiz 2: Planning Business Messages


F COMMUNICATION SERVICES 259 Elm Street, Suite 400 Cambridge, MA 02124 (617) 830-2871 April 12, 200x Ms. R M F W Monthly Magazine 302 Northland Boulevard Dear Ms. F: F Communication Services is thankful for getting an opportunity to contribute to the Workplace Monthly magazine about web conferencing. I am a specialist in conferencing services for F conferencing services at North America. Live and interactive meetings can be held by the participants. Documents and presentations can be shared by the participants without ever leaving their place. Meeting in person is simply more inconvenient than web conferencing. Some of the features of Web conferencing features are given below: Participant's ID: Name of all attendees and the person talking over the phone line will be indicated by this feature. PowerPoints/Document Sharing: Web-based visuals can be shown and described on phone by the presenters. Polling/Surveys: A virtual "show of hands" can speed up consent and shorten a meeting. This feature Web conferencing is considered as one of the real luxuries by many users. Cordially, T L Director, C Services

The revised statements are as follows: 1) I hoped Rhonda would call. Was it she who left the message (1.08b) 2) Everyone in the men's soccer team must be fitted for his uniform. (1.09b) 3) Even instant messages sent between the manager and him will be revealed in the court case. (1.08c) 4) Does anyone in the office know for whom these DVDs were ordered (1.08j) 5) It looks as if hers is the only report that cites electronic sources correctly. (1.08d) 6) Thomas asked Matt and me to help him complete his project. (1.08c) 7) My friend and I were also asked to work on Sundays. (1.08a) 8) Both printers were sent for repairs, but yours will be returned shortly. (1.08d) 9) Give the budget figures to whoever asked for them. (1.08j) 10) Everyone except the broker and me claimed the share of the commission. (1.08i) 11) No one knows that problem better than he. (1.08f) 12) Investment brochures and information were sent to us shareholders. (1.08g) 13) If any of the female tourists has lost her scarf, she should see the driver. (1.09c) 14) Neither the glamour nor the excitement of the position has lost its appeal. (1.09g) 15) Any new subscriber may cancel his or her subscription within the first month. (1.09b)

Employers prefer messages that are not written like high school and college essays. This is simply because business writers have different goals than high school or college going students. Business writers mainly focus their writing to be persuasive, purposeful, audience oriented, and economical. These essential points in business writing can be described as follows: Persuasive : A writer uses words that convince the reader for performing some action. Purposeful : A writer solves problems and conveys information regarding the subject. In this, the writer has a certain purpose that is required to be fulfilled. Audience oriented : A writer focuses on solving the problem of his audience and visualizes the problem from not his perspective but of the audience. Economical : A writer focusses on quality and not the quantity. Even if the matter is precise, it should be expressive and clear.

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