Quiz 10: World Poverty


GNI per capita is not an adequate indicator of the well being of people in developing countries because of the following reasons: (1) If GNI is not equally distributed. (2) If GNI is increasing only due to increase in undesirable products. (3) If GNI is increasing but people are not educated, they are not aware about their rights. (4) If GNI is increasing but political stability is not there. So we can say that GNI per capita is not adequate indicator of the well being of the people in D.C. Yes, there are better indicators of well being in D.C. like (1) Life expectancy (2) Education (3) Equal distribution (4) Democratic values (5) Sex ratio

The country chosen is Costa Rica Its current GNI per capita is: $11860 Its life expectancy is: 79 years In Saudi Arabia life expectancy is 73 years whereas GNI per capita is $15,540. So it is clear that life expectancy is not based upon GNI per capita. It is based upon the expenditure made by a country on health care and education and other life saving measures.

Country chosen: Costa Rica Infant Mortality Rate : 9.2 deaths/1000 live births Male : 10.03 deaths/1000 live births Female : 8.32 deaths/1000 live births Life expectancy : 77.89 years Male : 75.26 years Female : 80.65 years According to 2000 census literacy rate : 94.9% Male : 94.7% Female : 95.1% -