Quiz 5: Discrimination


The population of Jersey City, New Jersey is 247,597; while the population of New Jersey is 8,791,894. Current US population is 315,535,099. According to the census data of 2010; White is 72.4% of the population while on the book it was 80%. Black is 12.6% of the population, while on the book it was 13%. Native Americans are 0.9% while in the book it was1%. Therefore we see that there is not much change in the data from the book.

A minority is a group that has lesser access to position of power, prestige, and status in a society. This term has little to do with numbers and everything to do with power. Now if one group does not have access to position of power they will be called a minority no matter what their number may be. So if my group has better number than any group it still can be a minority if the group does not have access to position of power.

Discrimination is an action that treats individuals differently on the basis of some arbitrary characteristic. The earning differential between minority and non-minority groups, such as men and women, minorities and whites, is due to labor market discrimination, even when the educational levels are constant.

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