Quiz 13: Ethics and Biotechnology


The two leading approaches to ethical thought are the utilitarian approach and deontological approach. The utilitarian approach It is an approach in which a decision is made by which a maximum number of individuals are benefitted. On the assumption that maximum benefits are produced by a course of action for everyone, the utilitarian approach has nothing to do by the means of benefits produced. The means could be manipulating, lying, or coercing. For instance, a pharmaceutical company might operate via a principle releasing a drug which is officially approved with a few side effects provided that it helps more people in order to combat a specific disease rather than the number of people distressed due to a slight side effect. When the benefits are adequately boundless and the problems due to the side effects are adequately limited, at that point the action taken by the pharmaceutical company might be acceptable on the act of utilitarian grounds. The deontological approach The deontological approach to decision making ethically is known as "duty" ethics or is also known as the "humanitarian" approach. Systems of deontology are constructed on the fact that a human should treat another human with dignity and respect. In such a case, ethical behavior is arbitrated on the grounds of the action violating human rights. The actions are treated as "wrong" or "right" on their own. For instance, declaring independence. The differences between the utilitarian and deontological approaches are as follows: img

As per on both utilitarian and deontological grounds, this could be considered as ethical, since on the one hand this could be considered as a great advancement in the field of biotechnology which will definitely reach out amongst common people and a greater number of people will be benefitted. On the other hand, the life of an eight year old Molly was saved since she was suffering from a potentially fatal genetic blood disorder known as Fanconi anemia. Also, anything done for saving a life or leading to a new technological advancement that will be used for the betterment of mankind without posing harm to any other organism or environment can never be unethical.

Interactions of genetically modified plants with the ecosystem and their possible outcomes are given below. img