Quiz 49: Fluoroquinolones and Miscellaneous Antibacterials


The half used medications stored for longer periods and the expired medications must be discarded as they are not safe to use. Before recommending to discard the ointment, ask to observe the change on colour and how long been it is not used. If any change in the colour of ointment is observed, or if it is not used for prolonged periods, you can recommend the ointment to be discarded.

People suffering from sinusitis often experience bacterial infections. Staphylococcal species are the most common species that are isolated from the patients suffering from chronic sinusitis. These organisms show high resistance towards the beta-lactam antibiotics, especially to that of penicillins. So, these patients (Mike in this case) are prescribed with ciprofloxacin.

The nurse must instruct Carolyn regarding the following information. • The topical antibiotics such as bacitracin must be applied on the skin only, they must not be used for systemic or internal administration. • A thin layer of ointment is applied from time to time, rather than a thick layer at a time. Increased of the drug causes skin reactions such as skin rashes and anaphylactic reactions. • The solution form must be applied on wet dressing.

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