Quiz 44: Pharmacotherapy of Asthma and Other Pulmonary Disorders


COPD is the chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder in which the airflow through the lungs gets disrupted. Mr Jonas used to take several MDI s (metered dose inhalers) of theophylline in a day. This has caused toxicity in Jonas with following symptoms: • Nausea and vomiting • Abdominal pain • Tachycardia (high rate of heart beat) • Hypotension • Dysrrhythmia etcetera

Beta 1 receptors are present in the heart and in the kidneys. Thus, the beta 1 blockers are primarily indicated in the following conditions: • Cardiac arrhythmia • Angina pectoris • Congestive heart failure • Atrial fibrillation • Glaucoma etcetera

In case of Nathan, we come to know that he has been taking albuterol during his asthma attacks. But during his last time attack he has done swimming. The swimming is a good exercise but it had exerted the lungs of Nathan and had caused bronchoconstriction in him. Also, the water may have entered his lungs and made the condition severe. This bronchoconstriction and water has made breathing tough for Nathan and made the asthma attack severe.

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