Quiz 7: The Role of Complementary and Alternative Therapies in Pharmacotherapy


The hazards associated with believing that all medication type substances sold in the market are considered to be safe Dietary supplement regulation: herbal products and dietary supplements are not regulated as of similar manner as prescription medications. Food, drug and cosmetic act make people to expect to consider that all kinds' prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs have been passed all rigid standards of safety measures before the drugs are being marketed. The drugs are always tested to ensure effectiveness and provide the benefits of medicines which are being claimed by the manufacturer. The patients will lose their hope and become outraged once they come to know that the medicines they are consuming particular disease or pain killer is not at all effective in relieving pain. The people should not expect the drugs for their standards for herbal supplements. These supplementary products are considered to be regulated by a far less law. The dietary supplement health and education act (DSHEA) The DSHEA exempts from the, considered dietary supplements from the food, drug and cosmetic act is considered to be as dietary supplement which are intended in enhancing the diet in providing the vitamins, minerals are not considered to be approving as drugs by food and drug administration (FDA). These supplements do not get into the scrutiny of drugs aspects as they are not meant to be drugs.

Defining the pharmacopeia and their function and their service in United States Pharmacopeia is defined as the book published officially which contains the lists of all kinds of drugs which are used for treating people in a particular country and the use of drugs, drug classification, side effects, indications and contraindications of various drugs. The United States Pharmacopeia is confined to be non-profit health organization in public sector which is formed to improve the standards of the quality of pharmaceuticals including dietary supplements. The USP developed to make the manufacturer to submit the product for further USP verification program. The USP examines in several steps how the manufacturer produced a product in their quality and creation of the particular supplement. The USP verifies the ingredients which are used in the product containing appropriately or not. Compare to the labelling of the ingredients on the label with the product. Checking the capability of breaking down of ingredients into the body is being observed. The verification mark on the label of the product gives the consumers a sense of trust that the product has been manufactured under specific standards and is free of harmful effects in the particular product.

The relationship between the patient use of ginkgo and the laboratory results are: The patient of age sixty nine year old is suffering with forgetfulness. Since the death of the patient wife the forgetfulness of the patient is worsening drastically where his daughter was unable to control him. To treat the forgetfulness condition of the patient, he purchased a bottle ginkgo biloba from the food store and has been taking the supplement for past six months in order to remedy the situation. The patient was hospitalised some years ago for the disease condition known to be atrial fibrillation. While discharging the patient was kept on anticoagulant therapy in order to prevent blood clots to form in his heart. The patient has come to hospital for rescheduling to go for laboratory test to check for effectiveness of the therapy. But the results coagulation time came as high abnormally. It is a risk for bleeding. Vitals are normal and large bruises are observed. The ginkgo biloba is a tree which lives for nearly thousand years which has fan shaped leaves and fruits are fleshy pulp and had very foul odour, the skin come in contact with flesh of fruit causes dermatitis. The seed looks like almond. The ginkgo does not support the cardiac and stroke patients as it increases the blood pressure but supports only dementia and schizophrenia. As it does not have any evidence in improvising the cardiac condition so the patient health condition worsens while using the ginkgo extract. It is contraindicated for the patients who are suffering from cardiac patients, diabetic patients, bleeding after surgery. The people who use ginkgo should be aware of side effects causing Bruising, cardiac arrest, edema, fertility reduction and death.

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