Quiz 27: Nutrition and Therapy


The stable blood clot is produced in three stages. In the stage 1 a substance known as thromboplastin is produced by two different mechanisms-the intrinsic and extrinsic systems. In the stage 2 thromboplastin converts Prothrombin to thrombin. In stage 3 thrombin converts fibrinogen to fibrin and thus activates number of clotting factors. These clotting factors are V, VIII, XIII, and protein C. Fibrin is considered to be the primary element of a blood clot and these activated factors then build a fibrin mesh that holds the platelet together.

Anticoagulants are drugs used to prevent coagulation of blood in any individual person. Anticoagulants of any type are contraindicated in patients with sub-acute bacterial endocarditis, ulcerative lesions (GI), visceral carcinoma and threatened abortion. These drugs are also contraindicated in the condition of severe hypertension, and recent surgery on the brain or spinal cord. It is advised that any patient with active bleeding tendencies shouldn't receive anticoagulants. The oral anticoagulants shouldn't be used in patients known to be vitamin K deficient. All heparins are contraindicated in patients who are hypersensitive to individualized heparins, products containing pork, sulphites, benzyl alcohol, or heparin-induced thrombocytopenia. The most important contraindication for the oral anticoagulants is the use of these drugs at the time of pregnancy.

Blood clotting happens at the purpose of injury to manage trauma from blood vessels. The clotting of the blood is initiated by the blood platelets. metal ions square measure needed for the promotion or acceleration of clotting pathways. The natural process cascade happens through 2 separate pathways that move - the intrinsic pathway and extrinsic pathway. Hence, the option (A) is incorrect. Within twenty seconds of associate degree injury within which the blood vessel's animal tissue wall is noncontinuous, clotting is initiated.... Von Willebrand's issue causes them to stick to every alternative and also the walls of the vessel. This continues as additional platelets congregate and bear these same transformations. Hence, the option (B) is incorrect. Sometimes, however, clots kind on the within of vessels while not a plain injury. But, there's no method for clot resolution within the body. Hence, the option (C) is incorrect. The EDTA binds to them, sequestering them and preventing their interference. within the metal advanced, [Ca(EDTA)]2-, EDTA may be a tetradentate matter, and chelation involves two nitrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms in separate carboxyl (-COO ) teams. Hence, the option (D) is incorrect. Factor Xa inhibitors square measure a kind of medicine that works by by selection and reversibly block the activity of coagulation factor Xa, preventing clot formation. They have an effect on each issue Xa at intervals the blood and a pre-existent clot. they are doing not have an effect on protoplasm aggregation. Hence, the correct answer is option img

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