Quiz 1: Introduction to Pharmacology


PDR is the Physician Desk Response, which is used by nurses, doctors, health care professionals as a reference about the drug information. PDR provides the detail drug information related to its use, dose, adverse reactions, side effects, administration route. PDR is revised every year to add new drugs and its information and also to revise the latest information related to the already added drugs. PDR is divided into sections which are coded in different colors so as to differentiate it easily. Color code changes as per the updating in next year. Section 1: Manufacturer index Section 2: Brand and Generic name index Section 3: Product category index Section 4: Product Identification guide Section5: Product information. Section 1: Manufacturer index - This section give detail information about the manufacturer phone number, address, and emergency contact listed in PDR. Section 2: Brand and Generic name index - consist of page number of all drugs listed with its trade name and generic name. Section 3: Product category index - detail information about the product with category. Section 4: Product Identification guide - It consist of pictorial presentation of actual colored full-size photo of the tablet, capsule or any other dosage form. Dosage form are displayed alphabetically by company name. Section5: Product information - It is the main section of PDR. It consist of detail information with pharmacology and clinical information.

Answers from PDR : a.    Mephyton is a form of vitamin K that increases the synthesis of blood-clotting factors; this would antagonize Coumadin, which functions to delay blood clotting. b.    Vaseretic is a combination of an antihypertensive drug and a diuretic used to treat high blood pressure.  Dizziness and headache are the most common adverse effects. c.    Vibra-Tabs contain doxycycline, a tetracycline antibiotic.  These drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy; she should call her doctor and report that she may be pregnant.

Pharmacodynamics is the study of the mechanisms of actions of a drug. In this branch the interactions between the chemical components of living systems and the drugs that enter those systems is studied. The science of preparing and dispensing the medicines is known as pharmacy. The posology is the study of the amount of drug that is required to produce therapeutic effects. There are different factors that affect the posology study. Hence the incorrect options are A, B, D and E. The study of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion is known as pharmacokinetics. The motion of drugs is described in the branch pharmacokinetics of the drugs. Hence the correct option is img .

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