Quiz 15: Women in the Workforce

Health & Kinesiology

When taking a job a woman should enquire about the compensation and benefits she is going to get depending on her qualifications and on par with other employees of similar designation in the organization. A woman should get conformation about her package and try to analyze whether the package is meeting her demands and according to organizational rules. A woman should also enquire about medical benefits, insurance, casual leaves and emergency leaves, maternity leaves, travel and daily allowances eligible to her. A woman should also enquire about feasibility of work hours and work from home option sometimes if she is a mother of young infant. Therefore, after thorough enquiry of benefits, she is eligible then she can accept the assignment.

Poverty creates additional barriers to women to get employment. This is because women in poverty cannot pursue the regular and higher education since her childhood. Moreover, poverty demands her to work since childhood for self sustenance. Poverty affects her physically, mentally and emotionally. She may not receive adequate and healthy food causing the health issues. When the poverty affects individual mentally will result in lack of self esteem, self confidence and individual gets depressed. Poverty also disturbs individual emotionally by turning them into criminals, thieves, and drug abusers etc. Women in poverty also face social problems such as abuse from high class society, sexual assault, slavery and ill treatment.

Women may be affected in work place by health and safety issues. Some women need to carry heavy weights, tools and other equipment which may hurt them physically. Many industries deal with biological and chemical agents where predominantly women are employed. These include the textile industry, laundry, meat industry, health care and food preparation. In these industries, women have to deal with chemicals and infectious agents that may harm the working women and also pregnant women. While working in such industries, women should take care of all safety measures. Wearing the masks, gloves and aprons protect her physically from direct contact with chemical and infectious agents. If accidentally encountered with such agents a woman should seek immediate medical protection to get rid of further damage. Some women may have risk of inhaling piousness gases and may face respiratory problems. Such woman should protect themselves by taking precautions. Women can determine the hazards associated with the organizations where they work before the join the industry. She should accept employment with the industry only when she is aware of risks and facilities, safety and preventive measures available at the work place.