Quiz 9: Personal Sexuality


A person that is thinking of breaking their vow of celibacy before marriage will be challenged many times in keeping it. There will be loves that come that may seem like the one and not end up being that person. To a person trying to be celibate, remember that you cannot go back after you have broken the vow. To the person wishing the other person wasn't celibate, do not push because if the other person feels pushed and breaks their vow it can cause serious relationship damage. Do not bring up the frustrations unless asked.

Consider the following for a proper behavior of a responsible and sexually healthy adult. (a)Having many sexual partners increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Therefore(a)is not a proper sexual behavior. (b)For some, condoms at least have the perception that they lessen the sensation of sex for both partners. Because of this, some choose not to use them. Therefore(b)is not a proper sexual behavior. (c)Using alcohol to get someone to have sex with you is not proper behavior. The alcohol inhibits the ability of the person to make clear decisions. Therefore(c)is not a proper sexual behavior. (d)Sex cannot be healthy unless it is completely consensual. This is rule number one of having sex with someone else. Therefore(d)is a proper sexual behavior.

There are good results that can come from sex education, as long as it's taken seriously. Many classes spend most of their time talking about getting disease or getting pregnant but do not focus on how these occurrences really change your entire life. Parents are sometimes ill equipped for these subjects because by the time children reach puberty and start looking, they also become rebellious to parents. It is best to have comprehensive across the board sex education.