Quiz 8: The Joy of Fitness


When you are young, the effects of not exercising are not as noticeable. As you get older they are much more noticeable and the lack of exercise when you are younger makes those older years harder. Many times we forget that what we do now can have such a dramatic effect on us many years down the road. It is not as easy to become healthy at an older age as it is when we are young. Many people have problems that could haven been lessened or avoided if they had exercised and taken care of themselves at a younger age.

Consider the benefits of regular exercise. (a)Bone mass is not affected by exercise. Bone mass is affected by age. Therefore(a)is not a benefit of exercise. (b)Exercise does not change the risk of shin splints. The risk is actually increased due to physical activity. Therefore(b)is not a benefit of excercise. (c)Regular exercise increases the health of our immune systems. This goes on top of all the benefits from exercise like better cardiovascular health and stress reduction. Therefore(c)is a benefit of exercise. (d)Exercise does not specifically change your sleep patterns. Sleep patterns are altered in other ways. Therefore(d)is not a benefit of exercise.

To help combat heart injuries, aerobic exercise is a huge help. Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and respiratory capacities by interval training. The interval is slow fast slow. It is good for endurance also.