Quiz 7: Managing Your Weight


Deciding if you are overweight should be determined by actual measurements. BMI charts can help as a guide. BMI charts are very useful because if you feel like you are a bit overweight but are fine by the BMI chart, and then you know that the problem is not your weight, but your composition. We all have a certain percentage of body fat. Every person needs some fat and acceptable body fat percentages range from 25%-31% for women and 18-25% for men. Fit people have less and if you feel overweight, look into studying your body composition.

If you are looking at weight reduction information online, you are in a particular planning stage. (a)The precontemplation stage are possibly not even aware of their problems and are not taking any action. Therefore(a)is not the stage for doing online research. (b)The contemplation stage is where a problem is realized and the ongoing action is considered for its validity. Therefore(b)is not the stage for doing online research. (c)The preparation stage is where planning occurs to address the problem. This is where online research would occur. Therefore(c)is when online research would occur. (d)The action stage is where the changes are turned into change. Therefore(d)is not the stage for doing online research.

One of the biggest problems of eating disorders is that the sufferer will deny the problem because in many cases, they cannot see it. It is not realized, even when they are doing physical harm to themselves. For some deep in the throes of an eating disorder, an intervention may be necessary. Confiding with someone very close to the person suffering may open a pathway for that person to get help. This could be a parent, a best friend, or a spouse. You need to find that person that can reach the person suffering. If the signs are ignored, then the person suffering from the disorder can become worse.