Quiz 6: Personal Nutrition


There are many opinions on what food tastes the best. There are many people that like Asian food, the Mediterranean diet, and Mexican food have plenty of fans. All three of use a lot of grains, with the Mediterranean diet having the most variety. All use vegetables with Asian food having the most variety. The list goes on. Regardless of what a type of food consists of, it cannot be healthy if not eaten in balance.

Consider the following oils. (a) Olive oil has about 1.9 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon. A tablespoon is 13.5 grams, so about 14% saturated fat. This sounds high but it is for oil. Therefore(a)does not have the most saturated fat. (b)Canola oils have about 7% of their make up as saturated fat. This would be 0.95 grams per tablespoon of 13.5 grams. Therefore(b)does not have the most saturated fat. (c)Corn oil has 1.8 grams of saturated fat per tablespoon. A tablespoon is 13.5 grams, so about 13% saturated fat. Therefore(c)is false. (d)Coconut oil is almost all saturated fat. In every 13.5 gram tablespoon of oil, there is 12 grams of saturated fat. This is 89%, by far the highest. Therefore(d)is the highest oil in saturated fat.

Being able to eat healthy on limited funds really depends on how limited those funds are. If someone had 30 bucks a week it would be very hard, but not impossible. You'd have to pay attention to what fruits and vegetables are in season, because those are cheaper. Another thing to do is watch the grocery store flyers. You may have to make stops at more than one to make that little amount work to any extent. Even with all the work 30 dollars a week is really hard. At 50 dollars it would still not be the easiest but it would work better.