Quiz 5: Your Social Health


Some people are very inclusive in their views of inter-religion or inter-racial marriage. A Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are three religions that make up a large segment of our population. How well any combination gets along in a marriage will probably be dependent on where they are and how religious they are. There are extreme elements of each that would never be successful with a different religion. Holiday's between the religions are different. For example there is no Christmas for Jews or Muslims. It falls upon the two people in the relationship having respect and compromising. As far as races go, many mixed race couples do as well with each other as a single race relationship does. One of the biggest factors for mixed race couples can be their family. Some families still do not accept other races well. Any relationship can work with balance and each of them standing up for the other.

Romantic love is a combination of several emotional traits. (a)Romantic love increases causes an increase in certain neurotransmitters such as phenylethyamine, norepinephrine, and dopamine. Oxytocin levels increase with romantic attachment. Therefore(a)is proven false. (b)Romantic love is an emotional attachment occurs across all segments of the human population. It is the basis of long-term human relationships. Therefore(b)is proven to be true. (c)Romantic love can occur between those with goals and interests that align but it is not helpful. Therefore(c)is proven false. (d)Romantic love cannot proceed to a long-term committed relationship. The feelings can subside and the relationship not proceed for very long. Other factors are involved in a relationship becoming long-term. Therefore(d)is shown to be false.

Successful relationships between two people must be balanced. Although two people are together, there still needs to be respect for each person as individuals. Each person must be honest and communicate their needs. Lying comes back on you. People that still feel happy in their marriages have accepted that the other person in their relationship is different than them and needs to be respected for it. Many relationships end because one person cannot do this. You must be able to tell the other person also what you don't like. There will never be 100% bliss on every subject, and compromises must happen.