Quiz 3: Caring for Your Mind


Medications that treat depression have labeled a risk of suicide as a possible side effect. Research by Jake showed that statistically that suicide is a greater risk without the medication than with for depression sufferers. Also, he took this medication before with success. The negatives of medication are rather small. The benefits are less depression and that translates to better overall function. Given that Jake has had success before it would probably be better for him to take the medication again but at the same time, monitor himself for suicidal thoughts.

Depression strikes many people in the world to different degrees. There are several therapies that can be used to help lessen the effects of depression. (a)Young adults have higher risks of depression. Upon puberty girls outpace boys in getting depression. The cause is not clear but could partly be from young people starting to grasp dating and more adult issues. Therefore(a)is considered no true of depression. (b)Women suffer depression over men at a rate of two to one. Women suffer more and sometimes at more regularity. Women's depression can be influenced by sex hormones and body cycles that a man does not have. Therefore(b)is not true of depression. (c)Men and women suffer from depression in different ways. Women suffer from depressions more and hormones can influence it. Women already respond more to emotion. It is also influenced by the menstrual cycle. In men, the outward showing of depression can appear as aggressive instead of sad. Therefore(c)is not a true statement of depression. (d)Once someone has suffered from depression, it tends to comeback again. After that first occurrence, one can suffer from depression several times. Therefore(d)truthfully describes depression.

It is hard to see a homeless person with mental illness. Mental illness is why some people are homeless. They cannot hold jobs and many turn to alcohol for an escape. Every state has repeatedly cut funding for mental institutions. These people should be taken care of by the state in institutions but there is simply very little room due to funding cuts. Some homeless could return to ordinary life if they only had help to treat their problems.