Quiz 2: Your Psychological and Spiritual Well Being


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Having an ongoing lack of sleep can cause detrimental affects on a person's ability to perform. (a)Losing sleep definitely does not improve memory nor does it improve concentration. Losing sleep ends up doing the opposite. Without proper sleep it is harder to remember things and it is harder to stay on task. Therefore(a)is incorrect. (b)Many people are irritable in the morning after not getting much sleep. Several days short on sleep can lead to people being irritable throughout the day. When people are fatigued, they are not able to cope with stressors, which in turn causes irritability. Therefore(b)is correct, lack of proper sleep causes irritability. (c) Lack of sleep causes quite a few negative consequences. Lack of sleep can lead to weight gain. Not sleeping affects our metabolism, particularly regarding carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can be stored as fat. Therefore(c)does not cause weight loss. (d)Losing sleep negatively affects the immune system. The immune system has its normal function altered so that it cannot protect the body as well. Therefore(d)does not help the immune system.

People raised in religious families may or may not retain their interest as they grow into adulthood. The primary factor is if it gives the person any sense of fulfillment that increases spiritual health. A lesser reason for continuing to practice is the social norm. That it is expected. The latter type do not find any fulfillment from the religion but may find some on the social health level. For those that do benefit spiritually, there are many positive results such as lower stress and increased self-esteem.