Quiz 1: The Power of Now


One's place on the wellness-illness continuum is affected by many variables. Physically we need nutrition, exercise, and rest. Psychologically we need balanced expressions of emotion, acceptance of those emotions, and independent function. Our social health is based on how we interact with other people and the relationships we form. Intellectual health is the ability of absorbing new ideas and the ability to critically think. Environmental health is being in a physical environment that is not harmful to you. Anyone can have any combination of these specific traits in good or bad standing and these are not all of them. So when considering your place on the continuum or the optimum state that your health could be at, consider all these variables. They may give you some insight into where you are.

Health can be stated as the metabolic state and the functional efficiency of an individual. Health refers to the adaptability to changing environments and surroundings. Scientists Kasl and Cobb have defined health behavior as any action taken by a person in order to keep him fit and active. He tends to take on activities, which will keep him fit and prevent him from any diseases. The person will be keen to take up habits, which will avoid contact with any illness or bad health. Hence, the options(a),(c)and(d)are incorrect. In health behavior, a person looks out for knowledge related to fitness and health, accept them in real life, enforcing it in day to day activity and try to achieve his goal. He will try to change or modify his pre-existing habits, if they are not suitable for the healthy living, but will not be influenced by his old habits. He will improvise his living standards. Hence, the correct answer is option img .

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