Quiz 14: Engaging Consumers and Communicating Customer Value: Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy 


The two brands that were used earlier and now stopped are L'Oreal and Levis. These products were started as they were very famous amongst the college students, during graduation. But as time passed, many other alternatives came up that offered similar quality but at a lower rate and thus these were stopped.

The synchronization of brand name with thunder bolt brand mark has significantly contributed to make the "G" appear prominently in the redefined package attracting customers' attention. And this is the Marketing advantage Gatorade enjoyed in successfully approaching and reaching the customer having emphasized "G". For many years, company's brand name "Gatorade" has predominantly occupied its position in the package as a major feature splitting out from orange lightning bolt. But after synchronization of brand name and orange lightning bolt, "G" has taken the center stage and brand name "Gatorade" has become one of the components losing its important position. And this is the disadvantage that Gatorade has encountered having emphasized "G".

Brand and brand name are many times used interchangeably, but brand name is more correctly used to specify the spoken, written elements of any product. Brand name basically signifies about the product, on the other hand the brand might be just the name of the company. Trademark can be defined as the legal name of a brand. Sometimes they are used interchangeably but it can be said that all the trademarks are the brand but all the brands are not the trademark.