Quiz 13: Retailing and Wholesaling 


The major part of the service business of event management would be to manage events for corporations. Often, companies do not have the space to organize various events, like corporate meetings, conferences, etc., on a large scale. This service can be helpful to companies, for taking full responsibility of organizing the event from start to finish. Management of the smallest events can be handled through the services that are provided. Training employees would be done as per the customized needs of the customers. For every event a different set of training principles would be developed. Through corporate meetings, activities can be conducted to communicate the services that the company would be providing.

The aspect of service marketing, that is likely to affect most, would be the perishability and the client-based relationship. The service provided by the store would less depend on the number of ill customers visiting. The idle time (when customers do not visit the clinic) would cause irreversible loss to the business. The store would be marketed highly on the client-based relationship. The client, only on being satisfied, would revisit the store. Thus, client satisfaction and ethics would play a huge role in the operations of these stores.

Services play an important role in the economy of the given country. There has been increasing growth in the service sector of this country. In many of the developed countries more than half of the GDP is constituted by the service sector. Service industry has absorbed many of the influx of minorities and women in its workforce. There has been very high growth in the consumer services that has led to the augmented interest in travel, personal care and financial services.

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