Quiz 7: Customer Valuedriven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers 


The three buying experiences of consumer XYZ along with problem solving used are mentioned below: 1) Household purchased at supermarket needs routinized response behaviour because lower risk and involvement is associated with this problem solving process. The products available have lower price and do not require any information gathering before making a purchase. 2) Purchase of shoes, perfumes and clothes, dinner at restaurants are examples of limited problem solving. These experiences fall in limited problem solving category as they are purchased occasionally and buyer needs to gather maximum information about various available brands in option. It needs buyer's time to make a decision. 3) To buy a new car, extended problem solving is required because these decisions need maximum information about the product to be purchased.

The I E should pay attention to the following psychological influences on pet owners: • Regarding the training to their pets • Providing online classes at Dog college and Cat college • Providing health insurance to the pets • Prepare food according to the bread • Taking into consideration the lean and fat pets Iams and Eukanuba pay particular attention to the pets like, cat and dog food they prepare their food according to the requirement. There are food for fat cat and less fatted cat. They have dog food according to the requirements of dogs like sensitive dogs food, low calories food and food specific to the skin. Company also prepare food according to bread. Company develop a relationship with pet's parent and connected on Facebook pages. Company also sponsor events for their pets. They organized various shows for dogs and cats. Various online training classes organized by the company for the pet's parents. Pet parents are more interested in taking care of their pets, buy them the best foods also.

Consumers have many types of problem solving processes that they can use to maintain and acquire various products. These products help customers satisfying their future and current needs. Each process involve varied amount of physical and mental efforts depending upon the consumer's involvement, individual interest. There are varied levels of interest like enduring, situational, high, and low. There is less social risk and expense associated with low involvement products. Situational involvement is dynamic and temporary. Consumer involvement is associated with different product categories, interest in advertisements, brand loyalty, and certain behaviours and decisions.