Quiz 2: Company and Marketing Strategy: Partnering to Build Customer Engagement, Value, and Relationships 


Company AE The leaders of Company AE always create excellence by pointing the employees towards different levels of satisfaction of job. They have a clearly defined set of the corporate values that guides employee's actions at various levels of AE organization: People The vitality of this company resides in the people of this organization. They achieve, engage and collaborate. Integrity They take full credit of high standards and never compromise in challenges and difficulties. Passion Their passion infuses purpose and actions.it clearly transforms stores in the places of customer delight and energy. Company G The mission of Company G is "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. Our company has packed a lot into a relatively young life." According to the manager, Company G manages the entire information available worldwide and the entire population can use it for their betterment. Company A The mission of Company A is to bring in innovations in technology for benefitting its customers. This will be done by bringing network advancements and advanced technologies in its operations and services. To fulfil their mission, they are creating new solutions for businesses and consumers and driving innovation in entertainment industry and communications.

Company 'F' is a 110 year old very reputed U.S. automotive company and selling its cars worldwide. It has immense engineering and technical know-how and the company is using this expertise to manufacture world-class cars for its customers worldwide. So Company 'F''s corporate strategy is to maintain very high standards in its production and to maintain that standard alike worldwide. The strategy is further committed to continual improvement and innovation in its product-lines. Its corporate strategy further involves active involvement of all its employees, customers and other stakeholders. Company 'F' declares itself as a responsible corporate citizen, fully committed to its social and environment responsibilities. Company 'F''s marketing strategy is similarly designed after its corporate strategy where customers always comes first and the products are designed to offer maximum satisfaction to its customers in terms of quality, price, and comfort. Its marketing strategy further states to remain always alert and responsive to the needs and aspiration of its customers. It strategy is aimed to garner higher market share in the global marketplace, with stronger brands being developed by its policy of continual improvement and innovation. Company 'F' is a reputed corporate entity. It has stood the test of very hard times. It's corporate and market strategies always remains responsive to the demands of market and society and further aims to provide its customers world-class products at competitive prices.

Strategic planning has various key elements which are correlated. The development of a communication strategy is very essential for implementation and effective development of a strategic plan. The vision statement of any organization is its roadmap for future. The organizational direction must be broad to include all impact areas and narrow to define the path. Goals and values are broad based strategies which are needed to achieve organization's mission. Objectives are action oriented, time bound, measurable, and specific operations that achieve the vision and goal of an organization.