Quiz 17: Achieving Effectiveness As an Engineer


Fayol's "Advice to Future Engineers" could be modified to include the importance of staying updated with technological trends. Given the rapid pace at which technology has accelerated in the past few decades, it is even more critical now, for engineers to become familiar with emerging technologies. The advice could also be modified to include the importance of networking. In the highly competitive job environment in which we live, networking has become extremely important in helping engineers secure their ideal jobs. Nevertheless, the essence of Fayol's advice remains very relevant even today, mainly that a formal education does not teach engineers how to manage people and manage a business, and that these skills can only be learned effectively through practical experience.

One way in which a newly graduated engineer can gain more repute in his first job is to complete the job far beyond the expectations of his manager. The engineer could take an initiative to carry out his assigned task to the extent that it leaves his superior very impressed. Given the importance of first impressions, it is very important that the engineer tries to excel in his first assignment. Another way for a starting engineer to prosper could be to take some time after the job to learn more about the project he is working on, and thus be able to contribute more to the project effort. If the engineer demonstrates a willingness to learn new skills, he will surely stand out for his dedication, drive, and ambition.

Although it may be difficult to choose one's boss once one is hired by a company, one can inquire about the future supervisor one will have when interviewing for different jobs. In this manner, one can indirectly choose a great boss by avoiding organizations where the boss assignment would not be satisfactorily. In case, one is already committed to an organization, but not satisfied with one's boss assignment, the person can look for opportunities to transfer within the organization, while paying particular attention to the supervisor in charge of the team, one is considering to join.