Quiz 13: Engineers in Marketing and Service Activities


In a transaction-based relationship , marketing is directed towards identifying a customer and selling the service or product to him. Emphasis is not given for developing continued business relationship with one particular customer. In a more sustained relationship , greater emphasis is given on relationships to ensure repeated business. Because of this, the firm's marketing department will place additional effort to make sure that needs of customers are satisfied over the duration of the contract. In a highly committed relationship the marketing function is significantly more complicated. Marketing pinpoint not only the needs of customer, but also the customer's environment, planning process, etc. In this type of relationship, marketing provides a continuum of service aimed at highly specific customer.

It is relatively simple to purchase an accessory as compared to purchasing an engineering service. Accessories are generally mass produced products that can be purchased from different retail vendors. These have physical appearance therefore it is easier to buy them. On the other hand, engineering services will require contracts that delineate the needs and expectations of the party seeking the service and the party that is providing the service. Thus, purchase of an engineering service is difficult as it does not have physical identity.

The buyer should consult with a technical expert, most likely an engineer, to determine whether the material will be able to perform its intended function despite of change in specifications. If the material cannot perform desired function the buyer will not buy it even at reduced cost. The buyer can ask the engineer if design can be altered to meet the specifications, without changing the cost. If it makes financial sense to change the design, then buyer can purchase the reduced price material, otherwise, the buyer should seek another supplier to provide the material according to specifications.