Quiz 2: Historical Development of Engineering Management


The lasting significance of the Sumerian priests' need to maintain a permanent record of temple property is as follows: • The Sumerian priest established a standard for future organizations to keep a track of their assets. • This practice provided a basis for priests in charge of administration in the temple. It helps in managing and moreover keeps a track of the resources available at their disposal.

Some of the planning and organizational implications of this practice could be the following: • To prepare an adequate amount of workers to raft the stones on the Nile whenever the flood occurs. • The additional planning would involve, preparing drafts and making sure that the enough stones are being transported to the pyramid construction site. This would consequently satisfy the building effort.

The Venetian development of double-entry bookkeeping was so important to the development of management because it is a reliable method to keep a track of the finances of an organization. Moreover, effective management requires the handling of an organization's finances. Thus, this invention provided a foundation for future managers to have an access to accurate accounting records.