Quiz 14: Environmental Hazards and Human Health

Environmental Science

Hormone mimic such as bisphenoal A (BPA) can cause many dangerous risks to the humans. The potential risks are infertility, diminished sex drive, low sperm count, smaller size of penises and others. The main dangerous are to the infants, and fetuses. The risks are very high. Some dangerous molecules such as bisphenol A (BPA) has shape which is similar to natural hormones. This makes them easily to attach in the body. These molecules are called hormonally active agents. This is very dangerous because some of the active agents are very harmful to the body and can act as disruptors of hormones in the body. These mainly include aluminum, atrazine. The use of these certain compounds having danger for life has to be reduced. BPA is very dangerous and is presently used in the plastics, which are used for making toys, bottles for Childs. Hence, this is very dangerous. Some of the scientists suggest that it has no danger or very low level. But many scientists dispute this finding and want more research on this. According to them BPA is highly dangerous and this has to banned.

The age for life expectancy during 1950 is 45 years and the age in 1995 is 65 years. Hence, the increase in life expectancy is: img The age for life expectancy during 1995 is 65 years and the age in 2015 is 30 years. Hence, the decrease in life expectancy is: img Hence, the life expectancy is decreased more as compared to previous period.

Brominated flame retardants (BFR) are used to alter the ignition of the combustible products. These chemicals help to avoid the reactivity of the products with fire. These are mainly used in textile and plastics. The major applications are electronics, furniture and clothing. It is excessively used in tons of polymers to enhance the properties. In North America the use of brominated retardants in very high and products are internationally supplied. The major harmful effects from the use of BFR are endocrine disruption and neurological problems. It is also found to effect the environment and wild life. Some species which are endangered species like red panda have traces of this chemical in the body. Therefore, the use of these chemicals in products must be limited or banned. Studies show that the major disruption in the endocrine system in humans is caused by BFR. It is due to fact that the compounds used in the products have similar structure to that of hormones and cause disruption in the endocrine system. In 2001 Hagmat et al find the affect of BFR on the human thyroid system and the BFR introduced in the body of humans from the Baltic Sea fish. The conclusion of the finding led to the restriction on the use of BFR. European and US (United States) regulators ban the use of BFR. PentaPDBE and octaPDBE are banned from the market because of its dangerous affect on the neurological system. The use of BFR must be limited not because these have affects on humans but these are also affect on the wildlife. The presence of the chemical is about 70% in the small building apartment. The presence of these compounds make difficult for the human and wildlife. These chemical must be limited or banned on the basis of the danger exposed to the people and wildlife.