Quiz 12: Geology and Nonrenewable Minerals

Environmental Science

Three ways to lessen the need to mine gold and reducing the harmful environmental effects are: 1. The gold metal can be recycled and reuse for ornaments and jewelry that would lead to lessen need to mine more gold. 2. The mining company should install stronger containment dams for prevention of spillage of harmful chemicals such as cyanide in to nearby areas, they should be confined to remain in an area and exposure to environment should be prevented. 3. The safe disposal of hazardous waste generated from such mining should be the prime area to be taken care off. The liners to contain such waste should be well maintained and carefully inspected from to time.

The estimated recoverable resources of uranium weigh 4,743,000 metric tons. Now the current usage of uranium is about 66,500 metric tons per year. Therefore the world's present recoverable uranium resources will last 4,743,000/66,500 which amounts to 71.32. This states that the resources will last for about 71 years to come with the current rate of usage. Therefore the answer is 71years.

a) A class ring is made up of stainless steel, which resembles white gold. It also contains a sapphire gemstone in it. Around 20-25 g of the required metal is used for a ring. The gemstones used could vary according to carat i.e. weight of the stone. b) Wide screen plasma television screen is made up of MgO layer and ionized gases, electrodes made up of copper, red, blue and green phosphorus, glass etc. the exact quantity can vary according to the size of screen but each plasma screens take about 50-60 g of phosphorus. c) A pick up requires whole lots of materials such as iron, steel , silicon, plastic, rubbers, aluminum etc for manufacturing its various parts and coverings, which require materials in kilograms.