Quiz 10: Food,soil and Pest Management

Environmental Science

Organic agriculture has some advantages. But somehow they overweigh the disadvantages of organic farming. Yes, we intake organic food because it is more nutritious and healthy to take. Their farming does not loss soil fertility. They are good source of vitamins and minerals. They do not harm the environment and reduce pollution.

Per capita fish consumption generally increased from 1990 and 2003.In 1990 it was 18.5kg/person whereas in 2003 it was 21.37kg/person which is high. Calculate the per capita fish consumption (kg/human) img So, for year 1990 per capita fish consumption is img Similarly calculate the values for corresponding years and tabulate them as shown below. img

Plan for reduce house food: we should use 4 degree refrigerator to keep vegetables fresh and pest free. For storage purpose we should use -20 degree freezer which will keep meat, boiled vegetables and grains fresh and prevent them from spoilage. img For school canteen we should first organize the canteen area, we should keep fried stuff for snacks, we should use refrigerator for food preservation, we should keep a menu according to the demand of public and always clean the area of café, use pesticides and insecticides every two week.