Quiz 8: Sustaining Biodiversity:the Species Approach

Environmental Science

There are three aspects of people lifestyle which might be directly or indirectly cause extinction of polar bear. • Pollution is major factor that cause of extinction of polar bear because due to pollution global warning occur and it tend to low winter session in Island. • Oil and coal industries also responsible of the extinction of polar bear. • Climate change another factor to reduce the number of polar bear and climate change occur due human activities.

The data for the final column of this chart can be calculated by taking the Number of Threatened Breeding Bird Species (2002), dividing that number by the Total Number of Known Breeding Bird Species (1992-2002), and multiplying it by 100. The chart should look like the following: img

According to the survey climate change is the major factor for the extinct of the polar bear. Due to the climate warming twice of Arctic compare to the world so there are ice melt too fast. The polar bear hunting session is winter ice but due to climate change polar bear has less time to feed their food and result is that they becomes weak. If they not their prey for eat then they eat their progeny. Due to this the chance of extinct of polar bear will increase.