Quiz 5: Biodiversity,species Interactions,and Populationcontrol

Environmental Science

If the southern otter may extinct by the human behavior then the kelp forest would be destroyed because according to the scientist if southern sea otter unavailable in sea then sea urchins and other kelp eating species would be destroying the kelp forest. The southern otter extinct can be preventing by following three ways. • First method is prevent the hunting of southern otter because fur traders kill them for their luck and luxurious fur and commercial fisherman also killed them because they competing with valuable abalone. • The second method is proved biodiversity where they live easily and give their offspring a proper life. • Third way is in which provide knowledge about the Sothern otter that how important they for kelp forest and these animal are highly intelligent so aware people to see them.

According to the data analyses graph show the penguin population. The average penguin carrying capacity of the island between years 1960 to 1975 is 4150. The penguin average population carrying capacity in 19880 to 2000 is 2800. img

The California's coastal kelp is extinction because climate change and this climate change due to the disturbance of the weather over period. There are the many reason for the climate change, biotic process, solar radiation and volcanic eruption. The human activities also cause of the climate change and global warming is a major factor of cause of climate change. The current effect of the warm water is destroyed the kelp forest because kelp forest habitat to live in a certain temperature and environment. If these population increase permanently then climate are regularly change and this change refer to the extinct of the kelp forest in California's ocean. There is many ways to control the climate change like control the carbon dioxide emission, pollution control, prevent chemical flowing in river.