Quiz 27: Plants and Animalscommon Challenges


Riparian zone is the river bank. It is rich in flora and fauna. Though it is terrestrial biome, it serves as habitat for plenty of hydrophytic vegetation and amphibians. Domestic animals like cows and buffalos grace in the region and drink water from the river. But rivers are dumping areas for waste today. Increase in population growth and utilization of land for agriculture has caused pollution of river and river bank with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Effluents from factories make the condition still worse. It is observed that many migratory birds which used to visit the fields stopped coming. Population of animals like frogs and fresh water crabs in the area has become very few. If this condition continues without change many species of plants and animals will disappear in 10 years from now. The river bank may get exposed causing erosion and even flood situations.

Population growth resulted in demand for more land and natural resources for human use. Habitat of many plants and animal species are destroyed by human activities. Biodiversity is our natural wealth. Thoughtless exploitation leads to extinction of some of the plant and animal species from the face of earth. History of biodiversity shows how mass extinction occurred in different periods. It also shows that after mass extinction it takes 20 to 100 million years to recover the biodiversity to the same level. Hence, option (b) is correct.

The question is thought provoking. It points to one reason that contributes as a factor for biodiversity destruction. A poor man cannot think of preserving nature when he is hungry and his dear ones are depending on him for their survival. Hence, it is significant to find out ways to conserve biodiversity than protect and preserve it. The natural wealth should be for human use. There should be worldwide awareness on the importance of biodiversity conservation. When people are aware of protecting different species of plants and animals their activities will be directed towards conservation and not destruction. Even if the person find out one or two colored parrots to start earning he will find out alternate ways of income if he is aware of the danger to the species.

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