Quiz 21: Viruses and Prokaryotes


The halves of the pathogen of food poisoning are found in kitchen. These pathogens are found on wood or plastic cutting board, stainless steel knives, sponges and dishrags by electron microscope. The dishrag and sponges has many bacteria, these bacteria are Salmonella, E.coli, pseudomonas, and staphylococcus. The kitchen sponge and dishrag when not clean properly has distinct smell because of the accumulation of bacteria. And the studying of dishrags and kitchen sponge by light microscope it is found that there are many microscopes (bacteria and fungi) on that. The main features of such microbes are following- • The surface of sponge will be green in color. • The shape of bacteria is rod shaped and is blue or light purple in color. • The fungi that are found are filamentous in which thick and thin filaments are founds. • The color of filamentous fungi is pink and dark purple color. • On the wet sponge yeast is also found. These yeast cells are yellow color and are round spheres in shape.

In Prokaryotic cells pro mean "before" and karyon means "nucleus", its means before nucleus so in prokaryotic cell nucleus is not found. Therefore in prokaryotic cells, DNA is not enclosed in nucleus. These types of cells are always single-celled. Only the archaeans and bacteria are reproduce by the cell division mechanism that is known as prokaryotic fission. So, it proves that both archaeans and bacteria are prokaryotic. Hence, the correct option is '(d) both a and b'. The prions are known as the infectious protein that kills by destroying the brain and nervous tissue. So, prions are not the types of prokaryotes. Hence, the option '(c) prions' is incorrect. In the given option both 'a' and 'b' are correct. So, it is wrong to say that either 'a' or 'b' are correct. Hence, both the options '(a)' and '(b)' are partially correct,

The food irradiation is a process in which food material are exposed to high energy or ray, which kills the pathogenic bacteria. There are many pros of irradiation like that- it increases its shelf life and slows down its spoilage. The irradiation has also has some cons as it does not kill endospores, by that botulism cause. And it also produces some harmful chemicals. There is a logo named as International Radura logo , which is used on the food that is irradiating by ionizing radiations. The color of Radura is usually green, which look like a plant in a circle. The top half of circle is dashed and there is a dot above leaf structure, which shows the radiation source. This Radura logo on the package helps to purchase the products. By that it should be identify easily that the given product are irradiated. And it does not means that the products that are irradiated make the products hygiene but it makes the product sterile. Hence, this logo helps to identify which product is irradiated or which are not radiated. And by that the consumer takes the benefit of irradiations.

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