Quiz 19: Organizing Information About Species


Behavioral isolation and the behavioral differences will explain the differed between the related species. So the several duck species look quite similar to one another and has no physical barriers hampering the ducks. But the patterning and coloration of their feathers to attract the females for mating. This can be explained by the behavioral reproductive isolation mechanisms and keep each species distinct. Hence, the appearance of male duck provides clue to the answer that they are different from males to attract the females as their way. For example, in some situations a female bird is genetically prewired to recognize the singing, wing spreading or head bobbing of a male of her species as an overture to sex.

Traits are the distinguishing quality or a character which belongs to one individual. Structural traits are the physical characters of an organism, which can isolate one population from others. For example, a bill of a bird and fur on a bear are the structural characters for their adaptation to environment. Hence, the statement is true, but the only option a, is incorrect. Functional traits are the characters of a species in terms of their ecological roles by which they interact with environment and other species. For example, the body size, sensitivity to the environment determines the functional traits adaptations. Hence, the statement is true, but the only option b is incorrect. Behavioral traits are the characteristics of the organisms, which help in survival of the organisms. For example, bird calls and the migration. Hence, the only option c is not correct. Yes, all the structural, functional and behavioral traits can isolate one population from others. Hence, the correct option is d

Camels and Ilamas have a shared ancestors and have been separated 30 million years ago. Scientists created a female Ilama for breeding an animal to have a camel's strength, endurance and Ilamas gentle disposition. Now Rama is smaller and short tempered which resembles both the parents having long tail and short ears but has no hump. It has hooves rather than footpads. Now to mate with Kamaliah, a female cama born in early 2002 it have to wait several years for her to mature. Any offspring from such a mate cannot be fertile. Yes, genetic changes are required for irreversible reproductive isolation for mating. These are separated by floods long back and isolate from them for breeding. Scientists might not view Rama as evidence that Ilamas and camels are the same species because reproductively these are not fertile in producing offspring's.

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