Quiz 11: Observing Patterns in Inherited Traits


Albinism is a condition in which these individuals cannot produce or deposit melanin in the body tissues. This condition will arise when a gene encoding for melanin is mutated and is in homozygous recessive condition (aa). a. If both the parents are in heterozygous condition then the parents will be normal but some of the offspring's are affected. img b. If both are parents are albino means they are homozygous recessive condition to the gene encoding melanin. img c. Mother is unaffected means she is in homozygous dominant or heterozygous condition and the father is in homozygous recessive condition. But if the mother is in homozygous dominant none of the offspring's will be affected. Mother is heterozygous and father is albino means two children are unaffected and two children are albino. img

Alleles are the different molecular forms of the same gene i.e. two or more forms of a same gene. These are also a reason for the variations in the appearance of individuals. Hence, the correct option is a. Alleles may produce different phenotypes or same phenotypes based on the genetic information carried on it and may be homozygous or heterozygous. So the options b and c are not correct.

First generation climbers obtained were then crossed with a shrubby. This produces half shrubby and half climbers in the F2 generation. img

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