Quiz 9: How Cells Reproduce


Animal cells divided through mitosis in a contractile ring form and give two nuclei at the end of the mitosis, whereas the plant cells divide in an equatorial plate formation form. This concludes that the mitosis is happening in a plant cell but not in the animal cell.

Mitosis is a type of nuclear cell division which produces two daughter nuclei at the end of the cell division. This is an asexual type of cell division which does not involve any eggs and sperms and is seen only in the body cells. Mitosis nuclear division mechanism helps in the increase of body size, repairs the cells during damage and replacement of dead and worn-out cells. It is also an asexual reproduction in many single cell and multicellular organisms. Hence, the correct option is d. Gametes are formed during sexual reproduction but not in asexual reproduction. So, the option c is not correct.

To prevent this plant from extinct the taxol can be extracted from other species which are very close to Pacific yew like Taxus baccata. This is an ornamental plant can be grown easily. Plant Cell culture can also be used to prevent the plant from extinct and for high yield of taxol drug.

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