Quiz 1: Invitation to Biology


The actual meaning underlying the concept of structurally cleaning and sorting of different bedroom belongings is just to explain the different organelles and the organs has in common, which in turn is also responsible for cleaning and structural maintenance of our body. The concept here of different bedroom things can be similarly applied to any living cell. The first analysis is: The bed made underlies the concept that bed is the basic requirement of any bedroom thus it can be related to the cell which is the basic unit of any living being. The second analysis is: Are the sheets clean which in turn reveals the lysosomes which are responsible for the degradation of the large particles taken up by phagocytosis and the digestion of the cell's own components by autophagy. The third analysis is: Are the socks and underwear folded and put away it reveals that the some organelles have the folded membrane. Like Endoplasmic Reticulum is having folded membranes to which ribosomes are attached and is called rough endoplasmic reticulum which help in protein synthesis. Moreover the folding increases the surface area inside the organelle. The fourth analysis is: Are the clothes strewn all over the floor reveals that clothes are different organelles and are the organelles are spread all over the cytoplasm.

Cell is the building block of living organism that is capable of life. It is an aqueous compartment bound by cell membrane, which is capable of independent existence and performing the essential functions of life. Every organism is made up of cell and arises from a pre-existing cell and contain hereditary information i.e. DNA (deoxyribose nucleic acid) which is passed from cell to cell. Thus, it is a structural, functional and biological unit of all living organism. Hence, smallest unit of life is cell.

Living things does differ from rocks in responsiveness. Living things comprise of cell. Cell is the basic unit of life. Atom form molecules, cell form tissues, tissues form organ which in turn from organ system. Such condition or level of organisation is observed in case of living cell. It can't be observed in case of rocks. Change in shape of rocks is because of environmental effects. The battering result in shape change with time but nothing is related with cell and organ system. Response of living beings to environment maintain there organisation. Body's internal environment responds to changes and tries to maintain homeostasis. With time organism grow and reproduce and such condition observed in living beings only not with rocks etc.

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