Quiz 7: Early Childhood: Physical and Cognitive Development


Children learn language skills in a sequential manner and the parent's acts as the models for them. They try to learn from observing them or by imitating them. Children's language skills grow sophisticated in the middle age and also learn to read as well. By the time they turn six years of age they can speak nearly 10,000 words. They also attain the cognitive development is a step by step manner and there is no evidence that which is attained first the language skills or the cognitive development. Hence there is a debate between the language development and cognitive development sequence. Hence the blank can be filled with img .

Sleep patterns are different in neonates compared to the adults and it can be divided into REM means rapid eye moment sleep and non-REM means non- rapid eye moment sleep. A typical infant has six cycles of walking and sleeping in a 24 hour period. They usually have a long sleep time of four and half hours and wake for one hour. Hence the option (a) and (c) are not correct. This is replaced by the better sleeping patterns in night. This is usually seen from the sixth month and in some cases the sleeping patterns will have a one week cycle. In total the neonates spend 16 hours in their sleep. But later on their sleeping time reduces to 11 to 13 hour in a 24 hour period. Hence the correct option is img .

Nutrition places a crucial role in the physical growth of the children. The more proper nutrition the less they fall ill. But the health of the children varies from time to time. Most of the adolescents are healthy but come up with some small health issues that are cured quickly. But in some individual's serious health problems takes place. These health issues are also getting cured in now-a-days due to highly sophisticated immunization for dreadful diseases like rubella, measles, mumps and tuberculosis. Although there is sophisticated immunization one children in three is suffering from chronic illness like diabetes, cystic fibrosis and arthritis. Hence the blank can be filled with img .