Quiz 19: Family Health Risks


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A family is defined as a group of individuals who are related to each other. In recent years, due to fast pace of life, most of the families have more than one working adult. The fast life interferes with eating and lifestyle habits of a family. This leads to various acute and chronic disorders. As a result, maintenance of family health is an important factor. The health and illness of a family can be discussed with following key points: 1. The illness of an individual of a family member can affect the other individual of the family, especially in the case of communicable diseases. 2. Several practices like hygiene play an important role in the maintenance of health status of the family members. 3. Different services that are being used by a family also plays an important role in ensuring the health status of an individual. The family health cycle includes six phases. These phases include the promotion of health and risk reduction, the vulnerability of the family to diseases, the response to illness, the interaction of the families with the health care system and the ways of adapting to diseases.

A group of related individuals, who often live together, constitutes a family. Due to fast pace of life, in recent years, many families have more than one working adult. The fast life is concerned with the issues of eating and lifestyle habits. These changes result in development of various acute and chronic disorders. There are many common family disorders. These include Alzheimer's disease, respiratory disorders, arthritis, cognitive disorders, heart disease, psychological disorder, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension and many more. One of the major factors causing family health risk is the inheritance. Many diseases are clearly heritable. These diseases cause a mutation in the genetic makeup of an individual passing from one generation to another. The other common factors involving health risk is the lifestyle habits and the environment. The eating and sleeping habits play a vital role in the development of many diseases. The environment in which the people live in like hygienic conditions, climatic conditions favorable to microorganisms may also affect the health of an individual to large extent.

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