Quiz 13: Case Management


Public health services refer to the activities or the tasks that aim to provide education to the individuals regarding health promotion and protection, disease prevention and available treatment options. Continuity of care is the term used to define the quality of care over a period of time. It is the process which is concerned with high quality and cost-effective medical care facilities to the patient. Care management is a team-based care provided to a patient. It is done to provide assistance to the patients and manage their medical condition in an effective manner. It also includes the activities which aim at care coordination, which lead to the management of chronic diseases. Case-management is defined as a process which includes assessing, planning, providing care coordination followed by evaluation of the interventions. It provides all the facilities to help the client's need. Advocacy in nursing includes all the activities which help the patients and their families. It includes exploring self-awareness about the disease and treatment, and lobbying for the health policy.

A case management nurse functions to provide long-term care to the patient. They provide treatment to their patients when required and try to keep the patient away from diseases. They usually work with specific groups of patients, who are suffering from a particular disease. They work with the patient for a long-time and supervise their case. They also provide advocacy facilities. They are responsible for documentation of the patient's medical details. They supervise the details about the patient's insurance and other medical finances. They recognize the risk factors of the patient. They identify the patient's needs, available services and then link them to achieve the desired goals. They are also responsible to establish good communication with the patient and identify their preferences. A case manager is basically responsible to develop a care management plan. This plan includes the assessment, implementation and the evaluation, and focuses majorly on the patient. They are also responsible for providing basic education to the family of the patient about the disease, its causes and the treatment process.

Public health deals with the activities which aim at promoting health, disease prevention, symptom identification and available treatment options. Public health organizations include private and public sector organizations, which are involved in such tasks and activities. Nursing process refers to the order of steps and activities which are designed for nurses to implement excellent nursing care. It includes assessing, planning, diagnosing, evaluating and implementing. A nursing process may be implemented on an individual patient or a community of individuals. The process of case management deals with long-term care of the patient. It deals with the complete case of an individual. On the other hand, the nursing process focuses only on treating a particular disease for a limited time period. Case-management process aims at treating the individual whenever required and keep the patient away from the hospital.

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