Quiz 16: Advertising and Public Relations


Two broad categories of advertising: Advertising is linked closely to the integrated marketing communications (IMC). It consists of paid media on nonpersonal communication that persuades the audience. Advertisements are classified into two broad categories: • Product advertising Product advertising is selling of a service or good. This type arises when an ordinary person commits himself for more promotional activities. Example : Promotion of product X • Institutional advertising In contrast, institutional advertising promote concept, idea, philosophy, or organizational and governmental goodwill. It is also called as corporate advertising restricted to the profit-seeking sponsors. It closely relates public relations. Example : Promotion of institution X

The music helps candidate to trigger the feelings of voters in their favor. It translates the emotional response of voters into desired perception about the candidate. Through the use of music political parties infuse desired message and image of the party into the mind of voters. Voters make the image of candidate in their mind according to the song played in the campaign. Thus, music is associated with image of the candidate and his party. Hence, music played in political campaign play a role in establishing candidate's brand.

Celebrity advertising: Celebrity advertising is the most effective marketing technique; wherein the marketers use celebrity as a means to attract the target audience with instant recognition and to reach different ethnic groups etc. Benefits of celebrity advertising: • Enhancing brand equity and recognition : Consumers are instantly connected when any celebrity endorses an advertisement. Celebrity advertising helps in improving the value of an asset and it strengthens the brand recognition. • Fluctuation in the consumer attitude : Celebrity endorsements are useful when the consumers have started losing interest in the product. There is a stage of maturity in the product's life cycle. • Builds short term brand credibility : It helps in building short term believability among the consumers. When a celebrity is featured in an advertisement, the consumer is likely to follow their idols. • Enhances the purchasing intention in the consumers : Celebrity endorsements leave a strong impact on consumers. The most famous example is fairness creams ads wherein the celebrity shares her experience of using the fairness cream. It persuades the consumers to buy the product. • New dimension and competitive advantage for the brand : Every company tries to sell their products differently and come up with new ideas that set them apart from other competitors. For example, the automobile sector is always dynamic and keeps bringing innovation and creativity in their car models. The best way to attract consumers is to rope big personalities from sports, glamour industry and use them to endorse their products. It gives a new meaning to their brand image. • Cultural road block is removed in promoting worldwide reputation : It means that the celebrity endorsements play a vital role in catering to different ethnic groups across the world. It connects the consumer and the product and influences them to make a purchase. Drawbacks of celebrity advertising: • Skepticism of consumers in consuming the endorsed product. There is a possibility that some consumers don't buy products that celebrity endorses. For example, a shampoo sold by an endorser can persuade the consumers to buy the product while for some it does not make an effective impact. The harmful impact of branded shampoos can be one of the reasons. • Lesser credibility for those endorsing more products : Many a times, consumers end up losing faith on celebrity who endorses more than one product. This is so because at times consumers doubt on celebrity's credibility. Switching from one brand one another can harm the brand's image heavily. • Boredom of single product and single endorser : There comes a point when a consumer is over by watching a single endorser for the same product repeatedly. It creates monotony in consumer's mind. Hence, a change should always be there so as to hook the consumers to a particular brand. • Multiple celebrity endorsement chaos : A celebrity doing multiple endorsements is likely to create clutter in consumer's mind. Consequently, the consumer ends up remembering a celebrity rather than an advertisement. • Contradictory brand image endorsed : It means making the celebrity the face of the brand does not mean that it will connect to the consumers. Many a times, celebrity endorsements fail to convince the consumers about the product's advantages. • Vampire effect drags the attention of the public from product to celebrity : The marketers often lose the essence of the product by focusing more on celebrity and the ad background rather than on the core product. Example of effective celebrity endorsement: Product: Beauty products Beauty products can be effectively targeted through the celebrity as the consumers are likely to follow them strongly on their beauty and skin secrets. It will easily reach the consumer as the celebrity is well known and the product becomes reliable.