Quiz 5: Consumer Behavior


Core value: Core value can be defined as a guiding principle that speaks about the action and behavior of an individual or organization. It may differ from custom to custom. Core values of American society: The following are the three core values of American society: • Equal opportunities - Perceptions • Success and achievements - Ethnic work • Work and activity - Collective preference Justification: The core values of any society should be evaluated based on the action and behavior of an organization. These values define the way of behaving in corporate area which is generally summarized in the mission statement of the organization. It helps the organization to determine whether the organizational goals are fulfilled.

The mentioned case states that c olors play a vital role in marketing as it affects the perception of consumers regarding the product or services. It has the ability to create emotion and motivate the nervous system. Company M has orange, green, blue, and yellow colors in its logo. Color is a technique used by the marketers to obtain a positive response from customers. Red, green, and blue are the functional colors used in an operating system. Hence, it is concluded that logo with multi-color attract people with different attitude towards company products and services..

Status is a relative position of a person or individual in a particular group. Different members of a group play different roles which include leader, manager, project lead, training lead etc. Situations under which a person wishes to change his role are as follows: • If he is not satisfied with the responsibilities assigned to him. • A person believes other role would be a better fit for his career. On the other hand, if the person is satisfied with his current role and responsibilities his efforts are directed to retain his current role instead of changing it.

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