Quiz 5: Mba Student Dilemmas


Deceiving customers is a false action caused due to ignorance, intentional or unintentional, and helplessness means. The generalization test for making any rational decision depends on the rational choice made by an individual or group of individuals. The rational choice being made should possess the ability to be applied in general or commonly to everyone or everything. Failure in such action for any means will be termed as deceiving customers. If loyalty to coworkers is the major reason for an individual for being deceptive to the customers, the reason will not generalize the decision being made by an individual or group of individuals. Customers should never be deceived in such situations, as it would be considered unethical. It will be complete outrage with the customers and their trust that they possess for a company and its employee.

Consider a situation, where an executive is well aware about the software and its problems that arise after installation. A customer approaching the executive is not well aware of the software, but finds the software to be adequate for his or her purposes. The executive refuses to describe the problems that would arise after installation. The silence of an executive in explaining the problems with the software that might arise after installation is not at all ethical. It is the responsibility of an executive to inform the customer about the viability of the software developed. The executive should have informed the customer about the viability in performance of the software once the installation is done. Thus, keeping silence about the inefficiency about the software is unethical.

Consider a situation, where an individual bought a number of expensive items at a store. The cashier at the store forgets to ring up a SN mini DV Digital cam recorder with optical zoom, which retails for $599.95. It is an individual's duty to go and mention the missed billing item to the cashier. Here, the cost of an item is bit high. So, intimating about the wrong calculation is vital, as it is part of individual's sale contract, and the individual owes the money to the cashier. Therefore, the individual should directly go the store stating that the cashier has forgotten to ring the desired product, as the product is sold in monetary terms.