Quiz 16: Labour Relations 


In the case represented the company is operating in an industry seeing the downfall and instability and also the sales is declining which made it further difficult for the organization to increase pay or work on the revenue sharing model. In such situations it is necessary that the HsR managers should work on to find out the best solutions not only by discussing the union leaders rather also with the employees. As depicted in the case the key employee threatened the management that he will leave the organization with few more key employees and start new venture. Thus the company should try to talk to these employees and find out the middle ways to achieve win win situations. Also the management should bring the market scenario to employees front and make them understand the industry problems faced by them and can promise them for pay increase in future once the company picks up profits. Thus instead of only discussing the things with union leaders it is needed that employees should also be heard directly and also asked for some solutions if they have for existing problems. Here the CEO should work out for compensation with fixed pay for employees which can help and motivate them to perform instead of only concessions.

If the management is getting the union it deserves to get one-this statement can be discussed by understanding the concept and need of unions. Union are the formal association of the workers or employees which promotes the welfare and the interest of the members by their united action. The need of the workers unions in any organization is due to failure of the management for job related and organizational concerns. The need of the union for focusing on hike in wages, working hour's flexibility demand and improving working condition is growing. The management is at times ill- treating their employees and thus the employees are dissatisfied and they started to make unions to improve the working condition. Workers need compensation and they demand competitive pay, adequate benefit equitable pay raise from the management. Workers want to change the management style so that there is no arbitrary decision making and management. Workers demand recognition and job security wit fair policies and discipline implementation. Thus all the above demand from the management is required to be satisfied to workers through their union demand.

When any co -worker brings a union leaflet for getting signature of authorization card from other employees the following things may happen: • A union authorization card can be signed by the employee for the designation of the union as the collective agent of bargaining • Only when 30 % of the employees sign the authorization card then only election can be called • If more than 50% of the employees signs the authorization card then election is not required as the voters majority wins • The authorization card check allowed by employer's to be done by outsider • Elimination of election is viewed as the violation of the personal and democratic rights of employees • After authorization process is completed, election representation takes place • Certification and decertification of the union for designation is given to the elected union