Quiz 9: Career and Management Development 


The company used the inputs from volunteers as they are volunteering the organization in the finance division but asking them to provide inputs for developing the talent management program will help them to build competencies in HR management along with finance. It will also serve as a tool for succession planning as this way they will get the employees for senior position which requires managing HR as well for effective performance of their departments. The input from outsiders also helps to get better insights not only about the internal organization but from the external views of the industries. It also provides an organization with large pool of resources to perform succession planning by using make resource decision in succession planning.

Talent management is the process of luring talented employees and motivating them to retain in the organization. The main purpose of talent management is improving the performance of organization so that its goals can be achieved. Talent management is a consideration addressed by a growing number of employees because now day's organizations have become global. To deal with challenging global environment employers need talented employees who can handle the situation successfully.

On the website of http://www.learn .com there is a broad range of talent management efforts that have used software in a tremendous manner. For example, companies use learn.com to search applications for jobs. There is a firm known as LearnCenter which made a platform and now can manage the pre-hire to retire lifecycle.