Quiz 8: Onboarding and Training 


Tradition approach of learning involves planned and classroom activities. However the modern approach involves information based learning wherein the learning framework is more employees' centric. It is based on the idea that learning must be enables and consistently supported by training professionals. In this approach the employees self direct their own training endeavors and learn to apply the information on the job. This is managed by performance support which involves giving employees informational assistance which addresses the issues they face while performing the work to increase performance. This approach is more effective and efficient than the traditional ones. The employees learn at their own pace with performance support from organization to utilize learning on the job. It is different in the ways of imparting learning, support for performance and learning at own pace i.e. self driven learning by employees which create effective learning while at the same time it is also planned with a focus to impart some skills and learning like tradition training approach.

The sales people should have the product knowledge which they are selling. In this case they are selling the jewellery so they should have the knowledge about it so that they can easily convince customers. They should have that sales technique to lure customers towards the product. They should be polite as well as confident in what they are selling. Apart from that they should also have operational knowledge of the work.

Training is the process of teaching the employee a particular skill required in the company. Evaluation of training is very important as it helps in measuring and comparing the outcome with the predetermined objectives. Evaluation is an important procedure in training to analyze whether the objectives have been achieved or not for which the training was done.